Tonie Audio Play Figurine - Disney Doc McStuffins

Tonie Audio Play Figurine - Disney Doc McStuffins

Tonie Audio Play Figurine - Disney Doc McStuffins

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  • Meet your new Tonie! When paired with a Toniebox (sold separately), each Tonie comes to life with hours of stories to tell, worlds to explore, and songs to sing along with.
  • Each hand-painted collectible character magnetically attaches to the Toniebox, making it simple for little listeners to change stories whenever they want.
  • Connect your Toniebox to Wi-Fi through an easy, one-time setup. The adventures begin when kids place a Tonie on top of their Toniebox.
  • Whether educational content, audiobook or sing-along songs, each hand-painted Tonie figurine is a unique listening experience.


The Doc is in! Doc always takes care of the toys in her backyard clinic, including convincing her number one helper, Hallie, that she’s irreplaceable and made to be a nurse. One day, when Doc shows up to work sneezing and sniffling, it’s the toys’ turn to take care of her. Listen as the events unfold and enjoy a large collection of song favorites.

This Tonie teaches kids about:

  • Caring for others
  • Friendship
  • Teamwork



1. Doc McStuffins Theme Song 🎵 

2. Doc Mobile 🎵 

3. Everyone Gets Hurt Sometimes 🎵 

4. Baby Bath Time 🎵 

5. I Feel Better 🎵 

6. Welcome to the Hospital 🎵

7. Wash Your Hands 🎵

8. Do What the Doctor Says 🎵

9. Water Water 🎵 

10. Eat Good Food 🎵

11. Take Care 🎵 

12. If You Got the Hiccups 🎵

13. You're Gonna Grow 🎵 

14. Brush Your Teeth 🎵 

15. Time for Your Check-up 🎵

16. Be Good to Your Tummy 🎵 

17. Get Your Sleep On 🎵


18. Head Nurse Hallie 

19. Doctoring the Doc 

Total Run Time: 35 minutes

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